React Node.js MySQL Full Stack Blog App Tutorial

React MySQL blog app project. React blog website application tutorial for beginners. Create a full-stack app using React, Node.js, and MySQL.

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0:00 Introduction
01:53 Installation
04:26 React Router Dom 6.4 Tutorial
11:47 React Login & Register Page Design
17:20 React Navbar Design
24:42 React Footer Design
26:03 React Blog Website Homepage Design
34:22 React Blog Single Post Page Design
42:17 React Add New Post Page Design
53:43 Node.js Express with MySQL
56:57 MySQL Basics with MySQL Workbench
01:01:02 Node.js MySQL Route Controller Structure
01:05:20 React MySQL Node.js Authentication with JWT and Cookie
01:22:17 Node.js Mysql How to Use JWT to Login
01:27:06 React Context API (Login & Logout)
01:35:25 Node.js How to Logout Using Cookies
01:36:40 React How to Fetch MySQL Data
01:49:12 Node.js MySQL How to Join 2 Tables
01:53:18 Node.js MySQL How to Verify JWT (Authorization)
01:58:33 Fetching Recommended Posts
02:00:38 React MySQL How to Add New Item
02:03:09 React Node.js How to Upload a File to Server
02:10:00 React MySQL Create and Update Post
02:21:30 What’s Next?
02:23:00 Outro