React Real Estate App UI Design Tutorial for Beginners

React.js real estate booking system design course. React real estate responsive UI design project with HTML, CSS, and React Map.

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00:00 Introduction
02:17 Installation
08:17 Responsive Layout with CSS
15:36 React Responsive Navbar Design
24:26 React Responsive Hamburger Menu Design
33:09 Real Estate App Homepage Design
34:28 React.js VSCode Snippets
36:00 React Responsive Hero Section Design
44:27 Search Bar Design with React & CSS
01:03:49 React Router Dom Tutorial 2024
01:07:08 React Router Dom Outlet Tutorial
01:12:25 React Responsive List Page Design
01:39:30 React Map Tutorial (Open Source Map Library)
01:40:41 React Leaflet Map Tutorial
01:48:17 React.js Responsive Single Page Design
01:58:23 React.js Image Slider Tutorial From Scratch
02:12:41 Property Features Design
02:30:00 React.js Responsive Profile Page Design
02:45:03 React.js Chat Component Design
02:50:17 React Messenger Chat Window Design
03:00:55 What’s Next?
03:01:25 Outro