React Redux Full Course for Beginners | Redux Toolkit Complete Tutorial

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This React Redux Full Course for Beginners is a complete tutorial full of 4 hours of React and Redux Toolkit code and instruction to help you learn state management with Redux. Think of this React Redux full course tutorial as a video textbook with 7 clearly defined chapters.

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React Redux Full Course for Beginners | Redux Toolkit Complete Tutorial

(00:00:00) Introduction
(00:00:51) Chapter 1: Redux Toolkit Intro
(00:20:10) Chapter 2: App Structure & Data Flow
(01:04:22) Chapter 3: Async Logic & Thunks
(01:33:48) Chapter 4: Blog Project
(02:13:04) Chapter 5: Performance Optimizations
(02:46:50) Chapter 6: RTK Query Intro Project
(03:10:02) Chapter 7: Advanced Redux & RTK Query

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Based on the “Redux Essentials” tutorial in the official Redux Toolkit docs by Mark Erikson with some project additions and modifications along the way:

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