shadcn/ui — Theming Wrapped in a Tailwind Plugin/Preset

In this video, I wrap the theming strategy from the shadcn/ui components within a Tailwind Plugin and Preset, to make it reusable across projects.

# Links


Enjoying my teaching style? I’m creating an independent Tailwind CSS course called Pro Tailwind. Check it out at ❤️

# Chapters

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Tour of theming
1:10 Pro Tailwind Multi-Theme Strategy
2:00 New starter project
3:48 Jam on HSL colors
10:03 New Tailwind plugin
14:34 Porting the CSS over
18:30 Tailwind theme extension
21:26 Cleaning up the config file
23:35 Troubleshooting plugin issues
24:55 Tailwind Presets FTW
29:02 Wrap-up