T3: TRPC, Prisma and NextAuth Done Right

Let’s try out TRPC using Theo’s T3 application template that also integrates Prisma, NextAuth and Tailwind. And we’ll use supabase and daisyui on top of that.

Code: https://github.com/jherr/notetaker

Try Scribe for free by downloading it here: https://scribe.how/jackherrington

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Notetaker Introduction
1:53 T3 Application Setup
3:28 Supabase Setup
7:00 Github OAuth Setup
9:41 Scribe
15:44 Deploying To Vercel
17:58 Adding DaisyUI
20:13 Adding Tables To The Schema
21:55 Adding TRPC Procedures
25:47 Querying TRPC
27:01 Adding A Header
28:47 Adding Topics To The UI
33:55 Adding Notes TRPC Support
34:49 Adding Notes UI
41:18 Re-Deploying The App To Vercel