Tailwind – Next.js 13 Blog and Portfolio Project Ep.2 | Building in Public 2023

In this series, I will be building my blog and portfolio app in livestreams. The tech stack I will use is Next.js + Ghost.org. Site is/will be live on afaruk.dev

Public Repo is available here: https://github.com/afgonullu/afarukdev-nextjs

Tech Stack
Next.js 13

I will be building using industry best practices and with scalability, sustainability and maintainability in mind.

I will try to utilize these features in my coding practice
Semantic Project Organization
Engine Locking
Linting and Formatting
Commit Linting
Tailwind Theme & Font
Typography Scales
Tailwind Linting
Component Templates
Component Styling

Ghost is served from Digital Ocean and Next.js app will be deployed to Vercel.

0:00 Introduction
2:05 Last Episode Recap
5:20 Starting Finally 🙂 Setting Up Build Tools
6:37 env-var
25:32 Tailwind
28:46 Tailwind Config Theme Colors
37:52 Tailwind Theme Config Next Font
45:55 Tailwind Theme Config Typescale
55:30 Phone call
56:36 Typescale Why Necessary and In Action
59:45 Subscribe Like and Leave a constructive feedback in the comments
1:01:05 Tailwind Linting
1:07:45 Ending and A Little Chat, Don’t Skip 🙂