Telerik R1 2023 Release Webinar – Blazor, ASP.NET Core, MVC, AJAX, MAUI, WinUI, WinForms

What’s new across the Telerik UI for .NET Web, Desktop & Mobile Products? Like Telerik UI for Blazor & Telerik UI for .NET MAUI, ASP.NET, WPF/WinForms & Xamarin? Well, they have awesome updates, improvements, and enhancements to help you build engaging and inclusive digital Experiences across all platforms! That’s why we’ve included design & accessibility upgrades, deeper customizations and support for the latest frameworks to help you evolve the user experience of your app.

Join us for a deep dive into all the good bits that came with R1 plus lots of interactive demos with developer advocates Ed Charbeneau & Sam Basu!

* The most comprehensive Blazor UI library on the market with 100+ native components, including best-in-class Blazor Grid, now featuring compact mode
* The largest .NET MAUI library with 50+ controls
* Support for .NET 7 Official Release
* Accessibility improvements
* New Windows 11 theme
* Support for 10 new components and custom numeric variables in ThemeBuilder
* Numerous new features, bug fixes and enhancements to existing components

Helpful timestamps
00:00 – Intro & Agenda
08:30 – Building for Web – Telerik UI .NET Web
10:06 – Support for .NET 7
10:31 – Accessibility enhancements
10:58 – CSP Compliance
12:51 – What’s new in Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX?
17:56 – What’s new in Telerik UI for MVC/Core?
34:27 – ASP. NET Core Signature Component demo
35:14 – ASP.NET Core E-Shop Demo

38:51 – What’s new with Telerik UI for Blazor?
46:31 – What’s new in Telerik REPL for Blazor?
47:55 – Blazor demo – ChipList
48:56 – Blazor demo – Data Grid

54:39 – What’s new in ThemeBuilder Pro?

58:57 – Building for Mobile – Telerik UI for .NET Mobile
01:02:20 – What’s new in Telerik UI for .NET MAUI?
01:04:04 – New ImageEditor UI
01:05:05 – New SignaturePad UI
01:06:06 – New ProgressBar UI
01:06:48 – New Accordian UI
01:09:46 – Blazor Hybrid + .NET MAUI

01:11:55 – What’s new in Telerik UI for Xamarin?
01:15:08 – .NET MAUI sample app demo

01:27:25 – What’s new in Telerik UI for .NET Desktop?
01:29:55 – What’s new in Telerik UI for WinUI?
01:33:00 – Telerik WPF/WinForms UI running on all .NET’s
01:34:00 – What’s new in Telerik UI for WPF?
01:38:13 – What’s new in Telerik UI for WinForms?
01:40:53 – Document Processing libraries – create & edit PDF, Word & Excel across all suites
01:42:32 – WPF demo
01:45:54 – WinUI demo
01:49:47 – WinForms demo

01:53:47 – Q&A

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