The ULTIMATE Prompt Engineering Course

Hustle Millennial

Become a master of Chat GPT and other LLMs with the Prompt Engineering course!

This is not a list of prompts. This course aims to teach the user to efficiently communicate with the GPT model and perfect output accuracy.

Chat GPT is an advanced language model that utilizes deep learning techniques to generate human-like text based on the prompts it receives. It has been trained on a vast amount of data from the internet, allowing it to acquire knowledge and develop the ability to engage in conversations across a wide range of topics. By leveraging this model, you can interact with it as if you’re having a conversation with a knowledgeable partner.

00:00 – Introduction
Understanding The Power of ChatGPT: An Overview
The Importance of Crafting Effective Prompts

07:42 – Getting Started With Prompts
Key Principles For Crafting Effective Prompts
The Role of Context and Specificity in Prompts
Exploring Different Prompt Formats and Style

15:10 – General Use Case Prompts
Prompts For Generating Creative Writing Ideas
Prompts For Engaging in Fictional Conversations
Prompts For Brainstorming and Problem-Solving
Prompts For Exploring Philosophical Questions

27:46 – Educational and Learning Prompts
Prompts For Learning New Concepts and Subjects
Prompts For Enhancing Language Skills and Vocabulary
Prompts For Practicing Math and Science Problems
Prompts For Historical and Cultural Exploration

45:48 – Professional Use Case Prompts
Prompts For Writing Persuasive Articles and Essays
Prompts For Crafting Engaging Marketing Copy
Prompts For Developing Product Descriptions
Prompts For Generating Business Ideas and Strategies

01:02:40 – Technical and Programming Prompts
Prompts For Coding and Programming Challenges
Prompts For Troubleshooting and Debugging Assistance
Prompts For Generating Algorithmic Solutions
Prompts For Exploring Computer Science Concepts

01:16:27 – Scientific and Research Prompts
Prompts For Scientific Experiments and Hypothesis
Prompts For Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Prompts For Literature Reviews and Research Summaries
Prompts For Exploring Complex Scientific Concepts

01:32:26 – Personal and Self-Reflection Prompts
Prompts For Journaling and Self-Reflection
Prompts For Exploring Personal Goals and Aspirations
Prompts For Practicing Gratitude and Mindfulness
Prompts For Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

01:44:37 – Ethical and Controversial Prompts
Prompts For Discussing Ethical Dilemmas and Considerations
Prompts For Exploring Social and Cultural Controversies
Prompts For Analyzing Moral and Philosophical Arguments
Prompts For Engaging in Respectful Debates and Discussions

01:54:56 – Advanced Prompt Techniques
Using Conditioning and Temperature to Guide Responses
Incorporating Instructions For Desired Response Formats
Leveraging Context and Continuation Prompts Effectively
Experimenting With Diverse Prompts For Varied Outputs

02:08:43 – Pitfalls and Challenges in Crafting Prompts
Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Prompts
Dealing With Ambiguous or Misleading Prompts
Addressing Biases and Potential Ethical Concers
Strategies For Troubleshooting Unhelpful Responses

02:21:03 – Conclusion
Recap of Key Insights and Takeaways
Looking Ahead: Future Possibilties With Language Models