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In this video, you’re going to learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC. We are going to go over the basics and build an Expense Tracker.

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And don´t worry, our older ASP.NET 5 course is still relevant as well!
Old ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC

00:00 Intro
01:36 What we will build in this video
06:21 Intro to the section
07:20 The Tools you will need
08:59 Introduction to .NET Core
16:58 Creating an ASP.NET Core Project
19:58 Project File and Program File
24:10 Dependency Injection
28:22 Startup file, .Net Core Pipeline and Middleware
34:47 Routing in MVC
40:52 Launchsettings, AppSettings, WWWRoot
45:00 What exactly is MVC
49:32 Shared Folder as well as ViewImports and ViewStart
1:00:24 Intro To the Controller Chapter
1:01:01 Creating your own controller in ASP.NET Core MVC
1:06:40 Creating your own view in ASP.NET Core MVC
01:10:48 Routing Explained
01:18:35 Conventional Routing
01:21:42 Attribute Based Routing
01:24:19 Controller Actions
01:26:24 Pass Values to Actions
01:33:39 Action Return Types
01:46:01 Intro Chapter Models
01:47:00 Model in MVC
01:53:37 Code First Approach and Migration
01:58:32 Setting up the Connection String
02:01:13 Setting up DBContext as Well es Entity Framework Core
02:04:54 Setting up DBContext in our startup File in ASP.NET Core MVC
02:08:52 Push our items to the Database, Migrations and checking the DB
02:14:05 Add a controller to our borrowed items
02:18:12 Passing Data to the Controller in ASP.NET Core MVC
02:23:19 Displaying our Data using HTML and Bootstrap
02:31:42 Add new columns to Database
02:37:17 Create Page and Button editing
02:42:57 Designing the create item page
02:52:23 Creating the Entry in the Database
02:58:42 Challenge – Expenses
03:00:13 Challenge Expenses – Solution
03:08:37 Server Side and Client Side validation
03:20:11 Delete Entry in Database
03:32:12 Update Entry in Databse

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Here you can find the final code of the project:
Please be aware of having to set up the right data model on your Database for this to work correctly.

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