TypeScript for React/Next.js Developers | TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners

Learn TypeScript with complete TypeScript couse for beginners. React TypeScript tutorial 2023. TypeScript React props, useState, events, context api and more.

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0:00 Introduction
01:04 TypeScript Types
10:41 TypeScript Functions
13:44 TypeScript Type Aliases
17:34 TypeScript Interfaces
20:06 TypeScript Generics
25:24 TypeScript React Props
30:50 TypeScript React Events
39:23 TypeScript React useState
43:45 TypeScript React Context API Tutorial
44:42 TypeScript React Reducer
48:12 TypeScript React Context & useReducer
57:25 TypeScript React UseRef
01:01:06 TypeScript React Generics
01:02:50 TypeScript Combined Types and Exclude
01:06:00 Outro