Understand Laravel basics 2024 | Laravel tutorial | Laravel for beginners

Matt Socha

Understand Laravel in 25 minutes | Laravel tutorial | Laravel for beginners

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Hey what’s going on
Today were going over some laravel basics

I was looking up some other laravel tutorials and for some reason they are all like 4 hours long and lets be honest you don’t really want to watch a video for 4 hours.
So my goal is to keep this video under 10 minutes

By the end of this video you’ll know how to build a basic

application in laravel. You’ll understand how to make views, create models and migrations, basic routing, and inserting and editing records in the database.

With that being said The best way to learn a new framework is to build something with the framework
Which is exactly what were going to do.

Were gonna build a classic CRUD application and the most common

Simple todo list

The best way learn something is by actually building something

So were gonna build the classic todo list

Create new laravel app
edit blade to todo list
create form post request
create listItem model and migration
create endpoint to saveListItem
return view with list items
create endpoint to make item complete

Ok so Our todo list is working and it does everything we want it to do

I hope this gave you a basic understanding of building applications with laravel

If I missed anything or you want to know something we didn’t cover in this video feel free to leave a comment below

But yeah that’s basically it thanks for watching!