Vital Tips for Learning A New Codebase Quickly For Faster Productivity

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Vital Tips for Learning A New Codebase Quickly For Faster Productivity. Adam Culp of Beachcasts php programming videos shares 6 tips on how to learn a new codebase quickly, while onboarding at a new job or project. We learn how to read code, and gaining an understanding quickly is important to software engineering. By learning a new codebase faster it enables us to become productive faster.

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Key Topics:
– Onboard at a new software engineering job quickly
– Take on smaller tasks to become familiar with code faster
– Find some mentors to help you navigate a new codebase
– Get code walkthrough from someone already familiar with the application
– Read documentation and wiki to pick up on business logic of a new application
– Leverage peer code reviews to onboard faster
– Define a rule to abandon prolonged blockers

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00:00 Video Intro
00:59 Link to another of my videos on understanding code written by others
01:10 Take on small tasks to get hands-on in a new codebase
03:05 Get some mentors to help you become familiar with a codebase
04:06 Ask someone to give a walkthrough of new code functionality
05:16 Reading documentation and wiki to help learn a new codebase
05:51 Use code reviews to learn a new codebase quickly
07:20 Institute a “no progress” rule to prevent prolonged stagnation

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