VS Code Day 2023

Visual Studio Code

VS Code Day is our annual event where you’ll learn how to elevate your development workflow using the latest and greatest features of VS Code. You’ll hear from members of the VS Code team and other VS Code experts on topics like AI-powered programming with GitHub Copilot, coding anywhere with remote development, bringing data science to the cloud, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced developer, join us on April 26, 2023 for a day focused on the editor that lets you code anything, cross-platform and free!

VS Code resources available at https://aka.ms/VSCodeDay/Collection

Want to catch up after the stream? All session will be available on demand at https://aka.ms/VSCodeDay

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00:00:00 Starting soon…
00:14:40 Welcome to VS Code Day!
00:18:38 Keynote: Inside VS Code – How we build and ship it
00:54:32 Elevate your VS Code Experience
01:24:30 Develop Anywhere with VS Code
01:55:00 VS Code Tips and Tricks for Typescript Wizards
02:24:45 Accessibility in VS Code
02:53:35 Using VS Code, Copilot, and Codespaces to Level Up to Rust from Python
03:30:26 Creating a Dataset from Scratch with Copilot
04:00:32 Data Science for Everyone and Everywhere
04:30:42 Writing Python Web Apps with VS Code
05:06:19 What’s New with GitHub Next
05:29:20 GitHub Integration in VS Code for The Web