Web Scraping Full Course 2024 | Build and Deploy eCommerce Price Tracker

Dive into web scraping and build a Next.js 14 eCommerce price tracker within a single video that teaches you data scraping, cron jobs, sending emails, deployment, and more.

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πŸ“š Materials/References:
GitHub Code (give it a star ⭐): https://github.com/adrianhajdin/pricewise
GitHub Gist (Code + Assets): https://gist.github.com/adrianhajdin/686326bc20e24810128637a9053c49a0

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Time Stamps πŸ‘‡
00:00:00 β€” Intro
00:04:50 β€” What’s Web Scraping
00:06:54 β€” Web Scraper vs. Web crawler
00:08:04 β€” How do web scrapers truly work?
00:10:20 β€” Open Source Scrapers
00:16:35 β€” Project Setup
00:34:00 β€” Home Page
01:05:50 β€” Scraping Setup
01:14:12 β€” Scrape Amazon Product
01:48:32 β€” Database Setup
02:10:05 β€” Product Details Page
02:56:26 β€” Email Functionality using NodeMailer
03:33:40 β€” Implement Cron Job
03:45:45 β€” Deployment