What is Headless WordPress And Why Should You Care

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If you want to take your WordPress development to the next level, then you should start looking into Headless WordPress.

But what is headless WordPress?

In the most basic sense, it’s WordPress on Steroids.

And, on a more serious note, it means leveraging the backend of WordPress and it’s API to build a separate Front-End for a website.

Let me explain in a little bit more detail.

In general, we have 2 types of architectures: monolithic and decoupled.

WordPress by default it’s a monolith.

That means that the backend of the website, the front end, the database, all it’s in the same bucket.

A decoupled architecture (or a microservices architecture – as it is also called) means that the front end and the back-end are in separate buckets and are talking to each other trough an API.

So, again, using Headless WordPress means leveraging the WP API to decouple the front end from the back-end.