WHY and HOW to Add .NET Aspire to ANY .NET API and Web App in Minutes

.NET Aspire is an opinionated, cloud ready stack for building observable, production ready, distributed applications, and it is AWESOME! You may have seen a lot of demos about what .NET Aspire is and how to get started with the amazing templates, but let’s look at how to add .NET Aspire to an existing .NET API back-end, Blazor front-end, and then add in Redis Cache, Garnet, Open Telemetry, and Postgres!

Docs: https://learn.microsoft.com/dotnet/aspire/
Tutorial: https://learn.microsoft.com/dotnet/aspire/get-started/add-aspire-existing-app
Garnet: https://github.com/microsoft/garnet
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdo4fOcmZ0oWTWWbWXqhn2w8NM3sQ_qDz

00:00 – Intro & project walkthrough
02:15 – Add .NET Aspire Orchestration to .NET API
05:25 – Exploring Dashboard and Telemetry
06:58 – Add .NET Aspire to Blazor app and enable Service Discovery
12:45 – Adding Redis Cache to .NET Aspire
16:00 – Adding PostgresSQL and PgAdmin
18:30 – Adding Garnet to existing Redis Client
20:30 – Wrap-up

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