WooCommerce Purolator Shipping plugin with Print Label – Automate Shipping Rates, Labels & Tracking


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How to integrate Purolator with WooCommerce to completely automate the order fulfillment process. With PluginHive WooCommerce shipping services, you can display live Purolator shipping rates, print shipping labels, track shipments & request pickups from within your WooCommerce store.

To use the WooCommerce Shipping Services, visit the PluginHive WSS page & enter your name and email id. The plug-in download is sent to you via email.

Once you download, install and activate the plug-in, all you need to do is register your WooCommerce store with PluginHive Shipping Services in a single click. Now you have a full-fledged shipping solution integrated within your WooCommerce store.

The plugin automatically configures your Store Location as the Shipping Origin. You can modify the address or add multiple shipping addresses if required.

The next step is to configure the Purolator account credentials. Register a business account with Purolator by filling up all necessary details. Confirm the account using the link sent to you via email.

Now, you need to register for an Activation Key to set up Purolator shipping. Since PluginHive is a certified partner with Purolator, you can select PluginHive as your eCommerce partner from the dropdown to make the process a lot faster and easier.

You will get your Activation Key once you submit the form. Add the account details in the plugin and your Purolator account is successfully integrated. By default, the plugin displays all Purolator services at the checkout. Or, you can choose your preferred Purolator services under Rates Automation.

With this, the plugin setup is complete. Now, Let’s see how the plugin automates the shipping process. Add a product to the cart, and proceed to checkout. The plugin displays real-time Purolator shipping rates for all the available services.

Let us select Purolator Express US 10:30 AM, and place the order. Now, let us place another order, but this time, let’s use Free Shipping as the shipping method. You can view both orders in the plugin’s order dashboard. Here, the shipping service is set to
Purolator Express US 10:30 AM, the one we selected while placing the order.

However, for the other order placed using Free Shipping, the plugin automatically selects Purolator Ground US, which is the cheapest available shipping service. Select the orders and generate shipping labels. Now, you can easily print shipping labels for both orders with a single click.

Now, initiate the pickup request for both orders. Once your packages are ready, mark the orders as Shipped. You can also download the Manifest, required by the Purolator pickup agent. The plugin automatically marks the orders as completed and adds Purolator tracking details to WooCommerce orders. The plugin also adds the tracking number in the WooCommerce order completion email.

With this, you can start tracking your shipments. The plugin displays the live tracking status of the orders on the Tracking dashboard. It also saves you a lot of time and effort by automatically notifying customers of every tracking status update via emails.

With all these features, the WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin by PluginHive is the best shipping plugin to integrate Purolator within WooCommerce. And there’s more. The plugin integrates with many other top shipping carriers as well. So what are you waiting for? The complete shipping solution for your WooCommerce store starts at nine dollars per month.

If you have any queries or require any assistance in setting up the plugin, please reach out at https://www.pluginhive.com/support/