Woocommerce Theming – Part 02 – Install Dummy Content, Template Overrides

Watch and Learn

In this WooCommerce Theming tutorial we are going to learn how to install dummy content and how to override WooCommerce default templates.

I forgot to show you how to declare WooCommerce theme support in the last video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTvIFI29wvE ), so I’m going to do that in this video.

After that we are going to install dummy data for WooCommerce, as you will see, in this version of WooCommerce that’s a bit problematic. But it’s a quick fix to install data with images as you will see. We will just use different “`dummy-data.xml“` file than the one that comes with the plugin by default.

And after all that is done we are going to learn how to override default template files that come with WooCommerce.

### Code used in this video