YouTube Data API v3 Upload Video with C# (.NET Core) Tutorial

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In this tutorial I will show you how to upload videos to YouTube automatically, using C# (.NET Core) and YouTube Data API version 3.

Even though this video will mainly focus on uploading videos, you will be able to apply this information to use any other functions available in YouTube Data API v3.

❗️Also, I’ve created a special document that has all the useful links in it:

00:00 – Introduction;
00:36 – Few words about YouTube Data API v3;
01:53 – Quotas;
02:30 – How to Increase Quotas;
02:52 – Application registration in Google Cloud Platform;
08:52 – Upload video with YMU Console Application;
14:19 – Upload video from C# (.NET Сore);
16:48 – Restrictions on video upload;
17:18 – Default settings for uploaded videos;

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