01 – .NET Core Console Application – Intro

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What’s up everyone? In this segment we’re going to talk about console applications.

Let’s get started!

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Console Applications? Isn’t that the window that looks like an old fashion terminal that prints characters like you would see in the movies where a hacker is trying to break into a computer? Or like the terminal you see in the Hovership Nebuchadnezzar in the movie “The Matrix”.

Yea, that’s the one. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

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Console Applications are not what they use to be. The console application your dad wrote 20 years ago left him doing most of the work if he needed to implemented any features that are currently baked right into .Net Core.

To this day, you’re still left having to hand-code most of the work that comes by default in other types of applications.

Not all hope is lost, in the next video we’ll start looking at what web application have to offer out-of-box. We’ll look to take advantage of those feature when creating a console application.

I’ll see you there!