02 – .NET Core Console Application – ASPNET Web Applications

When creating an ASP.NET Web Application using Visual Studio 2019 you can choose from pre-configured templates that will scaffold your project. This is provided for you in order to give you a head-start when using certain patterns or built-in features that would normally require a 3rd party package.

Prior to .NET Core, a web application was a basic Class Library that you couldn’t execute directly. You had to run it in a web server like IISExpress or install IIS on your machine.

Today, when building ASP.NET Web Applications you can choose a modern template to scaffold your project. These new templates don’t resemble anything like what the classic ASP.NET Web Projects looked like.

In fact, any new web project you build using .NET Core happens to be a regular old fashion Console Application.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

If that’s not proof enough let’s look at the Program.cs file to see what’s in it.

In the next video we’ll take a closer look at the HostBuilder Class along with what comes Out-Of-Box that we can take advantage of.

I’ll see you there!