All 29 Next.js Mistakes Beginners Make

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⏱️ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:58 Semaphor (add analytics to your Next.js app!)
04:11 #1: “use client” too high
09:45 #2: Not refactoring for “use client”
10:45 #3: Thinking a component is a server component because it does not have “use client”
12:28 #4: Thinking that a server component becomes a client component if you wrap it inside a client component
17:52 #5: Using state management (Context API, Zustand, Redux) in server components
19:37 #6: Using ‘use server’ to create a server component
21:46 #7: Accidentally leaking sensitive data from server to client
23:01 #8: Thinking that client components only run in the client
27:53 #9: Using browser API’s (e.g. localStorage) incorrectly
33:08 #10: Getting hydration errors
38:43 #11: Incorrectly dealing with third-party components
42:27 #12: Using route handlers for getting data
44:28 #13: Thinking it’s a problem to get the same data in different places
48:45 #14: Getting a ‘waterfall’ effect when fetching data
53:12 #15: Submitting data to server component or route handler
59:38 #16: Getting confused when the page doesn’t reflect data mutation
1:01:43 #17: Thinking that server actions can only be used in server components
1:03:40 #18: Forgetting to validate & protect server actions
1:07:26 #19: Adding ‘use server’ to make sure something stays on the server
1:09:35 #20: Misunderstanding dynamic routes (params & searchParams)
1:13:12 #21: Incorrectly working with searchParams
1:19:12 #22: Forgetting to deal with loading state
1:20:35 #23: Not being granular with Suspense
1:22:53 #24: Adding Suspense in the wrong place
1:23:40 #25: Forgetting ‘key’ prop for Suspense
1:29:49 #26: Accidentally opting a page out of static rendering
1:36:10 #27: Hardcoding secrets
1:39:52 #28: Not making a distinction between client and server utils
1:42:05 #29: Using redirect() in try / catch

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