Asp Net Core – Rest API Authorization with JWT (Roles Vs Claims Vs Policy) – Step by Step

In this video we will go through AspNet Core Authorization (Roles, Claims and Policies). When do you want to use each and give you a better understanding on they fit together.

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So what we will cover today:

00:20 Agenda
00:54 Authentication vs Authorisation
02:50 What is Authentication
03:42 What is Authorisation
05:44 Authorisation Type
06:13 Role Base
09:14 Claims Base
14:30 Policy
18:16 Ingredients
18:42 Code and Implementations
18:56 Setting up the project
20:42 Code: Setting up Roles
1:22:00 Code: Setting up Claims

DotNet SDK:

Visual Studio Code:](

Insomnia API

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