Beginner’s Blazor State Management Tutorial (Part 1)

Today we go over state management in Blazor. What is State Management in a web app? How do we maintain it? Why? How do we do this in Blazor specifically? Well check out the video for the full details that do not require you to go get a 3rd party library. Probably, but not likely, the simplest State Management tutorial for Blazor.

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00:00 Intro/ What Is State?
01:43 Project Start
03:06 Is State Enabled?
03:20 How Blazor Pages work
04:30 Creating Our Page
05:58 Adding The Form
08:26 Adding The Model
10:12 Creating Our ProfileState Class
13:43 Made a mistake
14:19 What Is AddScoped
15:47 Applying state to the page

Music Credit goes to LOQUOR: