Build a Video Streaming App Using The T3 Stack – Next.js, React, Tailwind, Prisma, TypeScript

Learn how to use the T3 Stack (Next.js, Typescript, TRPC, Next Auth, Prisma, and tailwind CSS) to build a Full stack Video streaming App similar to youtube. You will learn how each technology comes together to build an end to end web application.

Part 2


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⌛️ Timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:23 Demo

00:11:38 Tech Stack

00:19:53 Setup

00:37:47 Write Prisma Models

00:55:00 Seed Database

01:22:00 Adding Tailwind

01:24:45 Button Component

01:38:00 Navbar Component

02:26:25 Sidebar Component

02:53:15 Layout Component and mobile sidebar

03:33:33 Mobile Footer Component

03:45:00 Home Page

03:57:20 Error/Loading Message Component

04:12:00 MultiColumnVideos Component

04:36:00 Search Page

04:50:00 Video Page Begin

05:45:00 Build Follow Button

06:08:56 Build Like and Dislike Button

06:57:55 Description Component

07:11:45 Comment Component

07:46:30 Save Video Button

08:40:50 Profile Header Component

09:21:00 Profile Videos Page

09:33:20 Profile playlist Page

10:02:20 Playlist Page

10:33:21 History and Like Videos Page

10:41:34 Profile Announcements Page

11:07:30 Like and Dislike Announcement Buttons

11:28:00 Add announcements

11:40:10 Profile Following Page