Build Amazon Web 3.0 Blockchain App with Solidity | Moralis | Next.js | Ethers.js | Tailwind CSS

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In this tutorial, you’re gonna be building the Amazon Blockchain Web 3.0 App using Moralis, Next JS, Netlify,, and Tailwind CSS 🔥

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🗄️ Link to the assets:

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🤑 Rinkeby Faucet, to cover your transaction feed:

You’ll be learning about:

👉 Building a Web 3.0 Application on the Ethereum Blockchain
👉 Styling your app using Tailwind CSS
👉 Storing data on the blockchain
👉 Using Moralis and Interact with your Smart Contract written in Solidity
👉 Adding Web 3.0 authentication using Metamask

Buckle up, buttercup 🚀


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