Make a Custom Website with WordPress – Elementor Page Builder! (Hostgator affiliate link)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create highy customized WordPress websites. You’ll learn how to use the free Generate Press theme and the free Elementor Page Builder plugin. The Elementor Page Builder allows you to control 100% of the content between your website’s header and footer allowing you to create websites that are uniquely your own, not just another generic website template.

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Time Stamp Table of Contents:
0:00:00 Introduction/Overview of Tutorial
0:02:58 Setting up a domain name and hosting account (My affiliate link:
0:08:13 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
0:10:51 Basic WordPress settings
0:15:12 Installing the Generate Press theme
0:16:15 Choosing a custom color scheme
0:20:45 Creating a Logo
0:25:02 Adding a logo and basic theme settings
0:27:47 Creating pages
0:30:01 Creating a custom navigation menu
0:34:26 Specifying a front page and an optional blog page
0:35:55 Additional theme appearance options (container width, navigation appearance, color options, fonts, etc..)
0:43:33 Introduction to Elementor Page Builder
1:05:24 Media page setup (downloading free images, resizing images, creating image galleries, adding videos, and adding background images)
1:36:54 Contact Us page setup – creating contact forms and Google maps
1:52:17 About page setup – advanced column background colors, testimonial element, icon box elements
2:11:52 Home page section 1 setup (fit to screen background images, headings, sections within sections, button customization, icon boxes, divider)
2:31:16 Home page section 2 setup (Heading, section within a section, icon boxes)
2:36:41 Home page section 3 setup (video backgrounds, headings, text, buttons)
2:41:58 Home page section 4 setup (image, heading , text, buttons, cropping images to get a widescreen, cinematic look)
2:50:04 Home page section 5 (background colors, headings, duplicating sections)
2:54:13 Adjusting home page section 4 height
2:55:06 Mobile device setup
3:01:02 Blogging features
3:13:31 Blog comment settings
3:16:51 Widgets and widget areas
3:27:01 Footer widget area
3:29:14 Closing words and thank you!