Build and Deploy a Full Stack Video Conferencing App with Next JS

Learn to develop a professional enterprise-ready video conferencing app in hours using Next.js 14, Stream, and Tailwind CSS.

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Time Stamps πŸ‘‡
00:00:00 β€” Intro
00:04:03 β€” Setup
00:08:55 β€” File & Folder Structure
00:25:10 β€” Sidebar
00:42:23 β€” Navbar
00:58:15 β€” Clerk Auth
01:15:28 β€” HomePage
01:40:12 β€” Reusable Modal
01:50:00 β€” Stream Create Meeting
02:20:24 β€” Meetings Calls Setup
02:29:14 β€” Meeting Setup
02:38:06 β€” Meeting Room
03:05:00 β€” Schedule Meeting
03:17:28 β€” Upcoming Meetings Page
03:44:37 β€” Previous Meetings Page
03:45:56 β€” Recordings Page
03:53:22 β€” Personal Meeting Room
04:07:47 β€” Join Meeting Modal
04:13:32 β€” Deployment