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Hello! Welcome to C# Programming for Absolute Beginners!
Here you can learn C# from absolute basics! This course assumes you have ZERO knowledge in software development, and you want to get started today!
Want to create software? Websites? Video games in Unity? Get a programming job? Develop software as a hobby? Well you can do all of these things by learning from this C# course!
If you have any questions regarding the content of this lesson, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer any questions you many have!

It’s HIGHLY recommended that you watch the videos in order, as some lessons rely on the knowledge learned in previous lessons.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:08 What is C#? and Why Learn C#?
00:02:46 Downloading and Installing Visual Studio (C# IDE)
00:07:51 Hello World (Mr. Beast Logo)
00:20:18 Variables
00:27:04 Data Types
00:36:46 C# – A Strongly Statically Typed Language
00:39:12 Working with Strings and Substrings
00:50:06 Working with Numbers
01:02:14 Getting User Input
01:05:21 EXERCISE – The Number Multiplier
01:10:48 Methods
01:15:37 Method Parameters
01:23:07 Method Returns
01:28:12 Method Overloading
01:32:13 Comments and XML Summary Tags
01:41:29 If and Else Statements
01:49:41 Else If Statements
01:53:05 Equality and Inequality Operators
01:54:47 Comparison Operators
01:58:48 Boolean Operators
02:04:40 EXERCISE – Building a Calculator
02:12:01 Switch Statements
02:19:20 Conditional Operators
02:23:34 Arrays – Learn all about arrays in C#!
02:32:11 While Loops
02:41:38 Do While Loops
02:44:33 For Loops
02:49:08 For Loops vs While Loops
02:51:18 Foreach Loops
02:55:43 EXERCISE – Draw a Cube
03:03:09 The break Statement
03:08:52 The continue Statement
03:13:16 Exception Handling (try, catch, finally)
03:27:27 2D, 3D and Multidimensional Arrays
03:33:05 EXERCISE – Chess – Find the Queen
03:39:18 Lists
03:45:58 O-O, Classes and Objects
04:02:15 Constructors
04:11:20 Object Methods
04:19:08 Access Modifiers (public, private, etc)
04:32:53 Properties
04:50:00 Inheritance
04:59:09 Method Overriding (Polymorphism)
05:05:43 Multilevel Inheritance
05:11:26 The sealed Keyword
05:15:36 Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods
05:25:10 The this Keyword
05:30:10 The base Keyword and base Class Constructors
05:37:15 Interfaces
05:53:23 O-O Summary
05:59:59 EXERCISE – Drawing Pyramids
06:21:34 Solutions, Multiple Projects and Namespaces
06:39:12 Breakpoints and Code Stepping
07:08:47 Immediate Window
07:21:47 Locals and Autos Windows
07:30:46 Watch Windows and Quick Watch
07:37:30 The protected Access Modifier
07:45:51 The static Keyword
07:58:21 The readonly Keyword
08:06:08 The const Keyword
08:15:19 Stack and Heap Memory (Stack Overflow and the Call Stack)
08:31:20 Method Parameters – Passing by Value
08:44:21 Method Parameters – Passing by Reference (The ref Keyword)
08:51:00 The struct Keyword
09:02:57 The object Data Type – Boxing and Unboxing
09:14:10 The dynamic keyword and Dynamic Type Checking (object Data Type Part 2, Static Type Checking, Early and Late Binding)
09:37:26 The var Keyword and Type Inference
09:55:09 Anonymous Types
10:04:19 The null Keyword
10:13:24 Nullable Value Types
10:20:17 The null-coalescing Operators
10:32:34 Named and Optional Parameters
10:42:05 The out Keyword
10:48:23 The in Keyword
10:51:02 The params Keyword
10:55:14 Enumerations – The enum Type
11:08:57 Recursion and File Handling (File IO / System.IO)
11:46:02 Summary

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