Build and Deploy Your Own GPT AI Website with React and Turn it Into a SaaS Business ($$$)

If you’re a solo developer in 2023, you have the power to build robust AI software startups! Watch this 1-hour video and make an Article Summarizer Application using OpenAI’s GPT model.

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Alongside building this application, you’ll also learn how to:
– setup a ReactJS project using Vite
– create a responsive, beautiful UI/UX with a nice touch of glass morphism using Tailwind CSS
– make advanced RTK query API requests that fire on condition
– save history using the local storage
– handle form events and catch errors
– implement copy to clipboard
– write clean code

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Time Stamps 👇
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:55 Setup
00:12:25 Building the App
00:15:15 Hero Section
00:24:05 Demo
00:32:47 Redux Toolkit Crash Course
00:54:00 Save Articles
00:57:34 Browse URL history
01:00:51 Display Results
01:07:20 Copy to Clipboard
01:09:30 Deployment