TypeScript Course for Beginners – Learn TypeScript from Scratch!


Free TypeScript Introduction for Beginners: Get Started with TypeScript, learn the Basics, its Features, Workflows and how to use it!

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Getting Started 00:00
What is TypeScript: 01:57
Installing & Using TypeScript 06:31
The Advantages of TypeScript 19:53
Course Outline 22:59
How to Get the Most out of This Course 27:16
Setting Up our Development Environment 30:29
The Course Project Setup 33:36
Module Introduction 40:56
Using Types 41:23
TypeScript Types vs JavaScript Types 51:43
Numbers, Strings and Booleans 56:37
Type Assignment and Type Inference 01:02:20
Object Types 01:07:59
Array Types 01:15:31
Tuples 01:21:01
Enums 01:27:21
The Any Type 01:34:26
Union Types 01:36:30
Literal Types 01:43:01
Type Aliases 01:50:55
Function Return Types and Void 01:53:55
Function Types 02:01:21
Function Types and Callbacks 02:06:55
The Unknown Type 02:11:18
The Never Type 02:15:02
Wrap Up 02:19:12
Module Introduction 02:21:04
Watch Node 02:21:50
Compiling the Entire Project 02:23:55
Include and Exclude Files 02:27:42
Setting a Compilation Target 02:33:55
Understanding TypeScript Libs 02:37:59
More Options 02:43:31
Source Maps 02:45:12
Rootdir and Outdir 02:47:12
noemit on Error 02:52:43
Strict Compilation Options 02:55:35
Code Quality Options 03:06:39
Debugging with Visual Studio Code 03:11:02
Wrap Up 03:15:22
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