Build and Run a Medical Chatbot using Llama 2 on CPU Machine: All Open Source

AI Anytime

In this tutorial video, Ill show you how to build a sophisticated Medical Chatbot using powerful open-source technologies. Learn how to use Sentence Transformers for embeddings, Faiss CPU for vector storage, and integrate Llama 2, a large language model, using the Chainlit library for a conversational interface. Follow along, as we guide you step-by-step to create an intelligent and efficient Medical Chatbot, all while using freely accessible tools. No prior experience required – dive into the world of conversational AI and healthcare innovation today! 🤖💬

Llama 2 Model (Quantized one by the Bloke):
Llama 2 HF Model (Original One):
Chainlit docs:
Faiss GitHub:
AI Anytime:
Langchain Docs:
Sentence Transformers Hugging Face:
CTransformers GitHub:
LLM Playlist:
WhatsApp Group:

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