Complete E-Commerce App with React, Strapi, Stripe | Shopping App Tutorial for Beginners

Full-stack React e-commerce app tutorial for beginners.
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00:00 Introduction
05:36 Installation
07:12 React Router Dom v6.4 Tutorial
14:05 React Navbar Design
25:46 React Footer Design
32:11 React Slider Tutorial (without any library)
44:00 Featured Products and Product Card Design
55:21 Grid System Using CSS Flexbox
01:09:13 React Product List Page Design
01:21:07 React Single Product Page Design
01:34:00 React Shopping Cart Design
01:43:15 Strapi Tutorial for Beginners
01:56:20 React Strapi E-commerce App (Connection)
02:07:56 React Strapi E-commerce App (Fetching Items)
02:17:35 React Strapi Rest Api Filtering Tutorial
02:28:35 React E-commerce Fetch a Single Product
02:31:26 React Redux Shopping Cart Tutorial
02:27:40 React Redux Toolkit How to Persist State
02:50:05 Strapi Stripe Payment Using a React App
03:11:40 How to Deploy React app to a Shared Hosting?
03:13:22 How to Deploy Strapi app to a VPS Server?
03:30:15 Outro