Creating fine-tuned GPT-3 models via the OpenAI fine-tuning API

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The GPT-3 language models have a range of impressive capabilities; however, they also have a number of performance limitations.

In this talk OpenAI researcher, Todor Markov, discusses a new fine-tuning API by OpenAI and provides examples of its applications in creating specialized models.

Todor Markov is a researcher on the Applied AI team at OpenAI. His current work focuses on improving the safety & monitoring system for the OpenAI API.

0:00 – Introduction
2:00 – GPT-3 and the OpenAI API
5:20 – OpenAI fine-tuning API
6:30 – Live demo of the fine-tuning API in action
21:42 – Lessons (re-) learned: users, their preferences, obstacles, and prioritization
30:00 – Q&A

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