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This Edureka video on Flutter tutorial for Beginners will talk about google’s cross-platform mobile application development framework – Flutter. You will also learn to make a basic app using flutter at the end of this Flutter tutorial. The following topics are discussed in this Flutter tutorial video:

0:55 Mobile Application Development
5:36 What is Flutter?
7:58 Why learn Flutter?
10:38 Flutter Architecture
12:48 Types of Widgets
14:59 How Flutter Compiles
16:50 Flutter Installation
32:26 Writing Our First Flutter Application

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About Edureka Flutter Course

dureka’s Flutter Application Development Course is a comprehensive program designed by industry experts having 10+ years of experience to help you become a proficient Flutter developer. You will be taught about the fundamental concepts of application development using the Flutter framework and the Dart programming language. This course enables you to build high-performance, visually engaging, and user-friendly apps using Flutter and helps you master key concepts such as Flutter widgets, state management, asynchronous programming, and network integration, along with hands-on experience to build real-world applications. Enroll now to become a certified Flutter Developer professional.


Who should go for this Flutter Application Development Course?

The course is designed for all those professionals who want to learn application development using Flutter. This course will be ideal for:

Beginners who want to develop Flutter applications.
Advanced Web or Mobile Developers who are new to Dart and Google Flutter Mobile SDK.
Android developers who want to build iOS Apps with a single codebase.
iOS developers who want to build Android Apps with a single codebase.


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