Free Text to Speech AI : Clone Your Voice and Make it Sing! | AI Voice Cloning

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Free Text to Speech AI : Clone Your Voice and Make it Sing! ( AI Voice Cloning )
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Hi, welcome back to my channel! Today, I’ll show you an amazing new free AI tool that can clone your voice in just one minute. This tool is called MyVocal AI. With this AI tool, you can create text to speech content and even sing using your AI voice clone. MyVocal AI is currently in beta version and free to use. Even in beta, this tool will blow your mind. All the voices in this video were created using MyVocal AI. The video is divided into four parts. Part 1 , Setting up MyVocal and recording your voice. Part 2, Creating text to speech content using your cloned voice. Part 3. Singing songs using your AI clone voice. and Part 4, Tongue twister test. So, let’s get started!

Part 1: Setting Up AI Voice Cloning

Before starting to use this website, let’s explore its documentation to understand more about this tool. You can find the documentation link in this video description. “Ha ha ha, this is soooo funny! Who made it? Are you? Why me?”

This software will have four main features in the future, including Instant Voice Clone, Cross-Language Voice Cloning, Emotion Recognition, and AI Voice Blender.

Now, let’s register to start using MyVocal AI’s free features. Go to MyVocal dot AI (you can find the link in this video description) and click on the sign-in menu to register using your Gmail, Facebook, or email account. After the registration process is complete, click on the “Record Voice” menu to start recording your voice to train MyVoice AI. You have to record 25 voice samples. To start recording, click on each text and click the “record” button. Make sure you give this website access to your microphone. After finishing recording, click the “finish” button. You can play to listen to your recorded voice, click “submit” to submit your voice, or click “record” again if you find the voice not good enough. Make sure you record your best voice without noise for the best result. Continue until all 25 samples’ requirements are fulfilled. After finishing, you can check your clone progress by clicking the “Check My Clone Progress” button. In my experience, it will take around 1 hour to finish 170 queues. After the cloning process is finished, you will get a notification email from MyVocal AI.

Part 2: Text to Speech

To use our AI voice for text to speech, you can go to the text-to-speech page. Click the plus button to open the text input window, enter your text, and press the “submit” button to create audio from your text. You will get a 2000-character free credit every day. Here is my AI voice result.

Part 3: Let’s Sing

To make our AI cloned voice sing, go to the “Voice Template” page, choose your desired song template, click “Sync My AI Voice,” and you’re done. Press the “play” button to listen to your voice singing this song. I can’t show you my sample song because of copyright issues, so you have to try it yourself. After you find a song that matches your AI voice, click the “Email” button so My Vocal AI will send you the download link.

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