Laravel Blog: Roles & Permissions, Likes & Dislikes, View Count | Part 2

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The video is the second part of a tutorial series on building blog with Laravel 10. It covers a range of topics including user authentication with signup and login, role and permissions management, implementing likes and dislikes, tracking post views, creating custom widgets for the admin panel, adding search functionality for posts and categories, estimating read time for articles, and designing and implementing various sections on the home page such as the latest, popular and recommended articles, and top categories. The video provides a comprehensive guide for building a fully-featured blog using Laravel.

Part 1 –

Time Codes
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:28 – Signup & Login
00:29:53 – Role & Permissions
00:55:08 – Likes and Dislikes
01:21:55 – Count post views
01:28:22 – Custom Widgets in Admin
01:39:25 – Search in Posts and Categories
01:43:26 – Add Estimated Read Time
01:48:48 – Home Page – Design
01:55:25 – Home Page – Latest Post
01:57:09 – Home Page – Popular Posts
02:13:22 – Home Page – Recommended articles
02:32:32 – Home Page – Top categories

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