From Junior To Senior React Developer – Best Practices

If you’re a junior developer or you’re just getting started with React, in this video we will cover the soft skills as well as the React code best practices and design patterns you must know in order to level up your skillsets to become a senior react developer.

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00 Intro
00:24 Junior Vs. Senior Dev
01:48 Senior Developer React Roadmap
04:29 Use Function Components More
05:49 Avoid Inline Event Listeners
07:14 Typescript is a Beast!
09:19 Proper Casing Style for your Code
10:10 Use a Boilerplate for a Pro Setup
11:16 Best Ways to Learn Design Patterns

⛈ ⚡️ Senior React Developer Roadmap Figjam

🧭 Turn Design into React Code | From prototype to Full website in no time

🧭 Watch Tutorial on Designing the website on Figma

🧭 Watch Create a Modern React Login/Register Form with smooth Animations

🧭 Debug React Apps Like a Pro | Master Debugging from Zero to Hero with Chrome DevTools

🧭 Master React Like Pro w/ Redux, Typescript, and GraphQL | Beginner to Advanced in React

🧭 Learn Redux For Beginners | React Redux from Zero To Hero to build a real-world app

🧭 Build Login/Register API Server w/ Authentication | JWT Express AUTH using Passport.JS and Sequelize

🧭 Introduction to GraphQL with Apollo and React

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