Fullstack AI Lead Magnet Tutorial: Next 13, Typescript, React, Stripe, ChatGPT, Tailwind, Prisma

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The future of AI in the SaaS world is brighter than ever, and the opportunities for developers to carve out their niche are abundant! If you’re looking to create a standout product with the best tools in the tech stack, then buckle up, because this tutorial is for you!

In today’s in-depth, 8-hour tutorial, we will be constructing a powerful AI Lead Magnet using a dynamic stack: Next 13, Typescript, React, Stripe, ChatGPT, Tailwind, and Prisma. It’s all here, and it’s all hands-on!

Here’s the twist! We aren’t just creating a generic application. We’re forging a potential SaaS goldmine – an AI-powered Lead Magnet that can supercharge any business’s customer acquisition game.

🚀 What you will gain from this marathon session:
– Crafting the backbone of your application with Next 13 and Typescript
– Styling and shaping the frontend using React and Tailwind
– Seamless payment integrations with Stripe
– Building robust databases with Prisma
– Incorporating the AI prowess of ChatGPT for optimized user engagement

So, if you’re ready to dive deep into the future of SaaS with AI, grab your coding gear, and let’s transform your skills into tangible tech apps! 🚀👩‍💻👨‍💻

– Final website: https://leadconvert.ai

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:00 Application Overview
00:05:05 Environment Setup
00:11:38 Setting up Clerk Authentication
00:19:21 Setup Route Groups
00:21:22 Landing Page Navbar
00:33:20 Lead Magnet Table Page
00:51:23 Seed Database Dummy Data
01:09:38 Lead Magnet Context
01:37:27 Lead Magnet Editor Navbar
02:12:36 Lead Magnet API Route
03:05:19 Lead Magnet Dashboard Navbar
03:13:12 Lead Magnet Content Editor
03:37:54 Lead Magnet Editor Sidebar
03:49:13 Lead Magnet Context
04:00:00 Setup OpenAI
04:19:32 Handling Email Capture
04:30:13 Setup Lead API Route
04:34:18 Lead Magnet Editor Profile Editor Context
04:49:42 Setup Profile API Route
04:55:27 Lead Magnet Profile Editor
05:01:38 Setup Upload Thing
05:27:51 Lead Magnet Editor Setting Section
05:35:04 Create Account Page
05:55:21 Setup Account API Route
06:04:31 Lead Magnet Page
06:34:51 Setup Email Capture Modal
06:49:24 Create Lead page
07:03:24 Setup Stripe & Subscriptions
08:03:21 Create Landing Page
08:35:37 Add Thumbnail To AI Lead Magnet Links
08:42:25 Deploying Application on Vercel
08:50:15 Outro