How to Add Buy Now Button in WooCommerce | Send Straight to Checkout page | Increase Conversions

Digital Rakshith

Subscribe to my channel for more videos. In this video i have shown in easy steps how to add BUY NOW button along with ADD TO CART button in WooCommerce inside WordPress.
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I have also explained how to reduce steps to reach Checkout page so that you won’t miss any customers because of long checkout process. Usually any customer wants to purchase products online in fast and easy steps, If you make customers to wait or ask them to go through many steps such as
Add to cart, View cart, Proceed to Checkout etc, there is a fair chance that you miss out that customer. Many people go off in cart page even before coming into Checkout page.

This video helps all those who have created their website in WordPress using WooCommerce Plugin to achieve faster checkout page. Free version of WooCommerce does not provide buy now button, instead it provides Add to cart button which makes customers to go through multiple steps before reaching to final checkout page. This video will help you how to add BUY NOW button and also how to do styling for BUY NOW button using CSS code.

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