How to OVER Engineer a Website // What is a Tech Stack?


A “tech stack” includes all the technologies used to build a complete web or mobile application – like frameworks, cloud services, libraries, languages, and APIs. Let’s over-engineer a tech stack for an MVP, then simplify it. Learn how to build fullstack apps in courses

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Learn about popular tech in the 100 Second Playlist
Petite Vue
Stacks of successful startups

? Chapters

00:00 Intro
00:37 What’s in a Tech Stack?
02:05 Popular Stacks
03:08 Frontend
05:34 Backend
08:23 APIs
09:23 Petite Fire Stack

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? Topics Covered

– Choosing a Tech Stack for Web Development
– Comparing JS frameworks
– React State Management with Redux
– Containers with Docker and Kubernetes
– Mobile dev with React Native, Flutter, & Ionic
– APIs with GraphQL and Apollo
– How to build a website
– Cloud Computing Concepts