Next.js For React Developers | Everything You Need To Know


I’m pretty sure many of you already heard and somehow knew about the greatest framework of the 21st century, Next.js! Next.js is a fully sophisticated and very fast framework for React applications that gives you everything you need from Routing to Production builds and SSR with hybrid SSG! In this video, we’ll go through the transition process of moving from old CSR React (single page apps) into working with Next.js and better understanding of Server-Side Rendering (SSR) or Static Site Generation (SSG), as well as, get deeper into different topics of Next.js and how it works behind the scenes.

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00 Intro
01:18 Next.js (SSR/SSG) vs React (CSR)
07:15 Setting up Next.js Project
08:30 Next.js Basic Project Structure
09:56 Next.js for React folks
11:24 Next.js is a framework with a set of standards
12:49 Manipulate the Header
13:45 Routing
15:50 Next.js Data Fetching and Props
21:08 User Interactions
23:40 SSR vs SSG in the real world
26:40 Do Data gets updated when using SSG

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