How To Use OpenAI to build a Trading Bot (ChatGPT ai)

Moon Dev

In this video, I show you how to use OpenAI to build trading bots with ChatGPT-3. I walk you through the process of coding a simple trading strategy that buys Bitcoin when the price is over the 20 SMA and sells when it drops under the 40 SMA. Throughout the tutorial, I demonstrate how to tweak the AI-generated code to make it functional, highlighting both the capabilities and limitations of using AI for coding trading bots.

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00:00:00 – Introduction to Using OpenAI for Trading Bots
00:01:01 – Overview of Trading Strategies
00:04:01 – Setting Up the Trading Bot Code
00:10:01 – Coding the Trading Strategy with OpenAI’s Assistance
00:25:20 – Testing and Tweaking the Bot Code
00:35:28 – Implementing Additional Bot Features
00:45:00 – Final Adjustments and Going Live
00:58:55 – Recap and Conclusion

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