I Tried 200 AI Tools, These are the Best


The craziest, most productive, and weirdest ai tools I found after researching hundreds. Artificial intelligence already has thousands of use cases and endless tools available. For everything from productivity to video editing, business to art, music, logos, branding, text-to-video, and some that are just weird. I spent countless hours researching and testing and am sharing the best tools I’ve discovered.


► AI video effects with Kaiber: https://kaiber.ai/?via=fp-yt
► Use AI to build your website with 10web: https://bit.ly/10web_io
► Generate music with Mubert: https://mubert.com/render/pricing?via=fp-yt

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Tools Mentioned in Order of Appearance (with links):
NVIDIA Canvas: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/studio/canvas/
NVIDIA Broadcast: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/broadcasting/broadcast-app/
NVIDIA Omniverse: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/omniverse/
Versy: https://www.versy.ai/
Imagen: https://imagen.research.google/
Kaiber: https://kaiber.ai/?via=fp-yt
Leia Pix: https://convert.leiapix.com/
RunwayML Gen 2: https://research.runwayml.com/gen2
Caktus: https://www.caktus.ai/caktus_student
Wisdolia: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wisdolia/ciknpklcipibmfbgjmdmfdfalklfdlne
Rewind: https://www.rewind.ai/
Pimeyes: https://pimeyes.com/en
Deep Nostalgia: https://www.myheritage.com/deep-nostalgia
D-ID: https://www.d-id.com/
RunwayML: https://runwayml.com/
Luma Labs: https://lumalabs.ai/
Notion: https://www.notion.so/product/ai
Wist Labs: https://wistlabs.com/
AutoDraw: https://www.autodraw.com/
Reimagine Home: https://www.reimaginehome.ai/
Do Not Pay: https://donotpay.com/
Soundraw: https://soundraw.io/
Mubert: https://mubert.com/render/pricing?via=fp-yt
Eleven Labs: https://try.elevenlabs.io/sajwz8g65sby
Midjourney: https://www.midjourney.com/home/
Mixo: https://mixo.io/?via=fp-yt
Jasper: https://bit.ly/jasper-fp
Looka: https://looka.grsm.io/fp-yt
Poly: https://poly.ai/
Synthesia: https://www.synthesia.io/
Tome: https://beta.tome.app/
Futurepedia: https://www.futurepedia.io/


0:00 Intro
0:23 Nvidia Canvas
0:40 Nvidia Broadcast
0:56 Nvidia Omniverse
1:06 Versy
1:24 Text to Video
1:41 Kaiber
1:58 Leia Pix
2:10 RunwayML
2:28 Caktus
3:08 Wisdolia
3:35 Rewind
3:54 Pimeyes
4:05 Deep Nostalgia
4:24 D-ID
4:38 RunwayML
5:41 Luma Labs
6:01 Microsoft365 Copilot
6:35 Google
7:12 Notion
7:35 Wist Labs
7:45 AutoDraw
7:55 Reimagine Home & donotpay
8:09 Soundraw & Mubert
8:44 Eleven Labs
9:06 Midjourney / Text to Image
10:02 Mixo
10:39 Jasper
10:58 Other Copy Tools
11:17 Looka, Poly, Synthesia, Tome
12:05 Future Tools