Implement Speech-To-Text on Android with .NET MAUI

Gerald Versluis

Speech-To-Text is the technique to convert spoken language into text strings. You can do all kinds of cool things with that! The speech-to-text APIs are available on mobile devices, that means we can implement it with the help of .NET MAUI! In this first part of a series, we will learn how to implement speech to text on Android.

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⏱ Timestamps
0:00 – Speech-To-Text on Android with .NET MAUI
0:10 – Speech-To-Text Offline?
1:26 – Adding Microphone Permissions
4:15 – Define ISpeechToText Interface Shared Code
6:37 – Implement Android Specific Code: Checking Permissions
9:40 – Implement Speech-To-Text Android Code
16:35 – Use Speech-To-Text Through Dependency Injection
19:04 – Make Speech To Text Functionality Work in Our App!
22:45 – Live Demo!
23:40 – Want to Learn About iOS and Windows?

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