Laravel 11 + React SaaS with Stripe Integration

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In this video we are going to build fully functional Software as a service project (SaaS) with Laravel 11, React, Tailwind.css and Stripe online payments.

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Features of the Project
🔹Create features and charge credits to users by using these features.
🔹Control which features you want to publish on the website from the database.
🔹Assign number of required credits to each feature.
🔹Control how many free credits you want to give to a user upon registration.
🔹When user uses particular feature user’s number of credits decrease.
🔹If the user does not have enough credits for particular feature the feature gets blocked.
🔹Full control of how many tiers of packages you want to show. How many credits each package should contain or what should be it’s price.
🔹Implement buying more credits using Stripe.
🔹Track your feature usage history.

Table of Contents
00:00:00 – Introduction & Demo
00:02:12 – Environment & Project Setup
00:12:40 – Migrations, Models, Seeders
00:19:00 – Implement Feature 1 & Feature 2
00:45:03 – CreditController & Stripe Integration
01:17:21 – Show Feature Usage History
01:29:28 – Implement Home Page
01:36:53 – Conclusion

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