Learn C# with CSharpFritz – Get Started Building Applications with Blazor


Blazor is the new web framework that you can use to build applications that run on the server or on web assembly using components, C#, and Razor syntax. In this episode, Fritz gets you started with the basics of Blazor

Featuring: Jeff Fritz (@csharpfritz)

00:00:00 Intro music
00:05:17 Welcome and Q + A with chat
00:51:50 Introducing Blazor
00:56:45 Blazor WebAssembly Website demo
01:10:26 Building a Blazor Server Application at the Command-Line
01:16:50 Explaining Blazor Server – Browser interaction using websockets and SignalR
01:19:31 Why choose Blazor WebAssembly or Blazor Server?
01:31:28 Exploring Blazor Pages
01:33:55 Explaining a Blazor Component
01:36:00 Introducing Component Parameters
01:39:06 Page Directive
01:46:45 Handling Events in Blazor Components
01:56:35 Fetching Data for Blazor Components
01:58:56 Wrap-up

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Project source is at: https://github.com/csharpfritz/csharp_with_csharpfritz/tree/main/sessions/Season-03/0301-IntroToBlazor

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