Learn the new Git User experience in Visual Studio 2019

Bill Raymond

Visual Studio 2019 has replaced the Team Explorer with a new Git User Experience. If you never used Git or the new experience, sit back and enjoy this full-length training video.

Here are all the links to the chapters. You can also scrub to them on the YouTube player.
00:00 Intro
00:10 List of chapters
00:26 Add git features to Visual Studio 2019
01:24 Configure Visual Studio 2019
04:10 Create a Visual Studio project
05:18 Add your code to a local git repository
11:17 Create a code branch & make changes
17:28 Merge branches
19:46 Code comparison
22:56 Revert code commits. Or, how to fix a screwup 🙂
25:25 Delete a branch
27:54 Modify the main branch
29:30 Tips & Tricks: working with uncommitted files
32:39 Rename master to main
35:10 Intro to next video: Working with GitHub

Download Visual Studio 2019:

Download Git:

The online Git book: