Next.js 13 Crash Course | App Directory, Route Handlers, Server Components & More

A complete crash course on Next.js 13 and the App Directory.

Learn how to utilize this full stack framework which is gaining popularity for many reasons.

I go over the Link Component, Image Component, File Structure Routing, API Route Handlers, Metadata, fetching data, next fonts & more.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 What is Next.js 13? and Why use it?
5:42 Creating a Next.js 13 project
7:50 Next.js Project Structure
10:55 Routing
17:20 Link Component & useRouter Hook
30:43 Fetching Data on Server
38:48 Caching with Data Fetching
41:06 Fetching Data on Server Continued
49:40 Fetching Dynamic Data
56:29 Fetching Data in Parallel with React Suspense
1:05:15 Metadata & Dynamic Metadata
1:10:20 Google Fonts
1:14:01 How to use the Image Component
1:20:01 Router Handlers Overview
1:22:28 GET API Request Example
1:30:32 POST API Request Example
1:42:30 Outro