Next js 13 project – IMBb Clone – next js tailwind css project – nextjs project

Next js 13 project – IMBb Clone – next js tailwind css project – nextjs project

Source code and final version:

Welcome to the world of web development. Are you ready to build a cutting-edge movie database website that combines the power of Next.js and Tailwind CSS?

Introducing IMDb clone, a project that will take you on a journey through the latest technologies in web development. With version 13 of Next.js and version 3 of Tailwind CSS, you’ll be learning the most up-to-date and industry-leading frameworks in web development.

The first thing you’ll notice about the IMDb clone is its sleek and intuitive design. With a powerful search bar, finding your favourite movies has never been easier. Simply type in the title of the movie you’re looking for, and IMDb clone will do the rest.

But what if you’re looking for inspiration? Not a problem. Our Trending and Top-Rated sections provide you with daily updates on the latest releases, so you’ll never run out of new movies to watch.

This project is not just about building a movie database website. It’s about learning the core concepts of web development. You’ll learn about server-side and client-side components, and how to seamlessly integrate them to create a seamless user experience. And with a deep dive into different fetching techniques, you’ll come out of this project a pro in Next.js and Tailwind CSS. This project teaches you not only about server-side and client-side components, but also about how to add loading effects and handle errors in Next.js.

And the best part? You only need a basic understanding of React.js and JavaScript to get started. IMDb clone provides you with step-by-step instructions and guidance, so even if you’re new to web development, you’ll be able to build a fully-functional movie database website in no time.

00:00 – Intro
1:58 – Install Next.js
27:14 – Install Tailwind CSS
44:29 – Create the header section
1:18:52 – Add dark mode
2:00:45 – Create the about page
2:09:04 – Create the navbar component
2:30:46 – Fetch data from TMDB API in the home page
3:01:39 – Handle the error
3:11:00 – Add loading effect
3:19:46 – Add card component
4:04:27 – Add movie page
4:33:33 – Add search ability
5:08:00 – Deploy to Vercel